For the first time, a product that does NOT desensitize.

Only ALL NATURAL product in the market.


Ejaculation Delay Gel

Each box contains an 8ml bottle good for 12-18 uses.

Revolutionary Men’s Ejaculation Delay Gel called Eterno For Men™ in the USA! Eterno For Men™ is made in Malaysia and is all natural. There are absolutely No Anesthetics (all other products on the market use anesthetics). Eterno For Men™ increases pleasure and delays ejaculation!

Completely comprised of human safe ingredients; the secret is in the rare ingredients sourced from the jungles of Malaysia and Indonesia that have been used for centuries by the inhabitants to increase sexual power.

Why the big deal? Unlike other delay products, this is all natural (hint: no desensitizers). Unlike other delay creams, you actually feel everything that is going on. In most cases, it actually enhances feeling! It gives a stronger erection, delays, and is all natural and safe.

We took the liberty of making sure the ingredients pass USA FDA’s list of authorized ingredients. Furthermore, we have taken the liberty of having analysis done via labs (stability tests, skin irritation tests and certificates of analysis to assure no harmful affects). Ingredients are world class, made by a certified production facility based in Malaysia under strict standards (GMP-Good Manufacturing Practices Certification).

Eterno For Men™ is a great product that when applied to the penis before intercourse (20 minutes before intercourse or longer ) gives you delayed ejaculation, stronger erections and enhanced erection. We will not advertise this next tidbit because of the bad name other companies have given this effect, but it actually plumps the penis (temporarily) as well! This stuff is magic.

For the first time, a product that does not desensitize (loss of feeling), contains NO ANESTHETICS, and actually increases pleasure while plumping the penis.

Get your confidence back today!

Great sexual satisfaction for you and your partner.

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All I can say Is WOW!!! This stuff really works . It will take 2 or 3 times to find the right amount to use but once you do it’s a game changer for sure!!! So try it, you won’t be disappointed.

             – Chris

The best by far delay cream. The only set back is if you go pass the 25mins you might as well know you might not cum for a long while.

– Robert

It is as advertised! This is by far the best delay cream I’ve ever taken! Its made me a sec man into a great lover . Love the fact it doesn’t numb your partner & they get to get off. I’ve always had the size just couldn’t last & now I’ve got both. But sometimes it works too well with me not getting off so dont leave it on 30 mins or more please!

             – Luis

Best product by far that I have ever used. As a matter of fact I think it works to well.When it comes to staying power all I can say is WOW! This product is unfair to your partner she don’t stand a chance.

– Eric

It really works!

             – Oscar

Got this one based on reviews and thanks a lot guys it does everything it promises.

– Robert

Excellent, not like anesthetics or something like that, it is a very good product!!! Don’t go for the other gels they are not the same as this one.

             – Charbel