No! All ejaculation delay products currently on the market contain an anesthetic. In short, it literally makes your penis numb so that you can’t feel anything and in turn cannot be pleasured enough to ejaculate. While this works for your partner, it does NOT work for you! Eterno is all natural, no anesthetics, and no bull. Eterno contains natural ingredients sourced in Malaysia that have been used by the natives for centuries that actually work! With Eterno you get delayed ejaculation, enhanced feeling and in most cases, it actually plumps the penis (results may vary with plumping).
Delay – Premature ejaculation is the most common male sexual dysfunction. Studies put figures at affecting up to 60% of males at some time or another. We all want to go longer, and Eterno helps while letting you feel everything and more!

Empower/Plump – Natural ingredients give a stronger erection. Most men find Eterno to give them a stronger erection than usual. This has to do with the proprietary ingredients that help to increase blood flow and cause a slight dilation of the vessels so it plumps! Now, because results vary we can guarantee the delay effect, but the plumping really does vary per gentleman.

This is a great question that I bet you probably need an answer for! Let me give you the textbook answer, and then I’ll give you my advice that works with most! Technically, you’re supposed to apply a very small amount (barely a q-tip size dot) to the frenulum (the area right under the head of the penis – around the circumference) and along the bottom of the penis 30 minutes – 2 hours before intercourse. When it’s time for intercourse, simply wash your penis with water (no soap), and go to work! The effect should last up to hours (cases vary). Now, my experience (personal and from feedback): Since everybody is different, I suggest doing a test run the first time; then you may alter dosage amount and application time to suit your needs. For the first time, I suggest you apply a small amount (think rain drop) to the frenulum and under the penis along the whole shaft 30 minutes before intercourse. After the 30 minutes, simply wash with water. Then, go to work. If you need more delay, you may leave it on longer or add a little more. If you need less, then leave it on for a shorter period! Some gentleman prefer not to wash after application at all and leave it on; no worries for it will not cause any skin sensitivities for you or her! Again, you may alter the period it is left on to give you a stronger and longer delay, or shorter if that is your wish! You may feel some warmth or slight tingling. This is normal,too much tingling and that’s usually indicative of using too much or leaving on for too long. Again every penis is different so do a test-run!
Nice to meet you, too! My name is Corey, and my Business Associate and Best Friend is Tariq. We have done business in import/export, business development, commerce and covered a lot of other areas. I’m based in the Middle East where I do distribution and marketing for a very large Medical Supplier across the Middle East. Corey and I also have a company set up in Houston where it has been used to base the logistics of our ventures. In short, we were very fortunate to come across our Malaysian associate and in turn were allowed to market and distribute Eterno. It has become very successful in Asia and The Middle East. Now, we’re here back in Houston asking you to trust us and spoil yourself; you have nothing to lose but time 🙂
Dear Mr. Lucky, Eterno is safe and natural! You can literally eat it. I wouldn’t as it is bitter, but it’s your money! We promise this product is totally safe and totally natural. If you wash off with water, then the taste should not be prevalent to your partner, and it has somewhat of a minty smell (think menthol). It’s not bad; in fact, it probably smells better than what you might be hiding there anyway! All ingredients of Eterno were registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of United States, Malaysia (producing country), Germany, and multiple countries across the Middle East. This product has proven to be very safe!
Your partner will love you more. No really, they will. Again, Eterno has all natural and safe ingredients. We took the liberty of registering with the American FDA (Food & Drug Administration) to make sure that you, the customer, can rest assured that all its’ ingredients are safe for the human body! Mild tingling and warmth of penis may arise after application of regular dosages. If you put too much, it might tingle a bit more. That’s when you wash it off with soap! Again, a little goes a long way.
You get the envy of all your friends… …AND a shiny (and beautifully designed if you ask me) box with an 8ml tube (that’s 8 grams). The tube is even pretty! It’s enough for 12-18 uses (sometimes more), but it is really dependent on application. Please remember: a little goes a LONG way, so first time around, experiment!
And steal my idea? Water, propylene glycol, carbomer, cananga odorota flower oil, yada, yada, yada, etc… Seriously, all of the ingredients are safe for human consumption. As I said before, you can even eat this stuff. I don’t suggest you do as it is unappetizingly bitter! All of the ingredients passed when we registered with the USA FDA (Food & Drug Administration). In the years we’ve used and distributed this product, we have not had ANY negative reactions. The only complaint we have received from a few is tingling (when applying too much), which was alleviated by using less. This stuff works! You have our guarantee!
Oh yah. Noone shall know besides our secret eyes and whoever is hiding in your bathroom. No really; all packages are discreetly shipped and your Paypal/credit card is processed under the name Via Global Trade™(our company).
Oh yah. Simply mail us the Eterno and we’ll gladly refund your full purchase price (minus shipping). That’s how certain we are you’ll love it!
Oh yah about that. As aforementioned we’ve just recently started distributing/marketing Eterno in the USA. We’ve had great success outside the USA in the last couple of years and Malaysia has different regulations with registering Eterno as a product there. We aren’t allowed to claim anything “sexual” on the actual package as we are not registered as a “medicine” (thus no “Ejaculation” verbiage). As we are currently importing from our stock/product in the Middle East, some Eterno packaging may have that specific verbiage until we receive our next order which is USA Specific. Otherwise it’s same ingredients and same effect. We promise and you can count on our money-back guarantee.